tumblr made me think about a lot of things but mostly social justice and my eyebrows

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HA me


3/18/14 - Emma Watson at LAX Airport.




3/18/14 - Emma Watson at LAX Airport.


notyouraveragepringle asked:
"Send me your name and I’ll make you a mini playlist that start with those letters" Liam Alex Wiesenberger tx in advance

lol ‘mini’ playlist. tried to cater to what I think are your tastes (aka not as much mellow sleepy music this time) ~~ ur welcome, enjoiiii

Lady Luck - Mr. Little Jeans (no link?? it’s on Spotify) 
I Follow Rivers - Lykke Li (classic Lykke Li *thumbs up emoji*)
Afterlife - Arcade Fire (*jams out to this*)
Mouthful of Diamonds - Phantogram (def saw this on postcardsfromnormalcy's blog)

Animals - Baths
Led Zeppelin - Tame Impala
Earth: the oldest computer (the last night) - Childish Gambino feat. Azaelia Banks (idk if you like rap but this has a catchy hook)
XO - Beyonce  

Worms - Youth Lagoon (a really cool song, if you can get over the weird vocals)
Eyes on Fire (Zeds Dead Remix) - Blue Foundation
I’ve Got Your Number - Passion Pit
Saltwater - Beach House 
Extra Free Year - Generationals
Nantes - Beirut
Big Dater - Big Data (just wait for the drop)
Excuses - The Morning Benders (v cute song)
(The) Rain - Calvin Harris (get past the saxaphone, it’s catchy)
Gold Dust (Flux Pavilion Remix) - DJ Fresh (for your dubstep desires)
Everlasting Light - The Black Keys
Ready for the Weekend - Icona Pop 

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No Rest For The Wicked (A$AP Rocky Remix)
Lykke Li
notyouraveragepringle asked:
code me something. xoxo html girl


xoxo ur fave internet girl ;) p.s. check that bground though 

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notyouraveragepringle asked:
a world ruled by first generationals. thoughts?

only if it’s me and you, Liam #firstgen #notquitefreshofftheboat #staleofftheboat #sorryifyouwantedalegitanswer

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Anonymous asked:
npr or pbr

peanut butter radio 

notyouraveragepringle asked:
what's your opinion on mediocrity

eh, it’s neither good nor bad 

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